Opinions on Bitcoin Era: A Serious Platform to Make Money off or a Scam?

This is not an “opinion”: this is a 100% authentic and neutral review of Bitcoin Era, one of the most popular platforms to trade cryptocurrencies on today, created and launched as recently as 2019. Being so new and so hyped about, many people were led to wonder if it was a serious initiative or a scam like many of the other such platforms that have mushroomed. Does the system really carry out transactions faster than the market standard? Can you really make a living off of trading?

In this article we will answer all your questions and worries.

Is Bitcoin Era a Scam

According to our website, anyone who’s prepared to try their luck on the cryptocurrency market can join the platform, whose features are quite simple. The smart system welcomes budding and expert traders alike. To answer the question of whether our platform is a scam, we encourage you to do your research, read independent reviews on the internet, and peruse the feedback from other traders. They will assure you that Bitcoin Era is legit. Just in case, check if the reviews are about our platform (Bitcoinera) because there are many other similar looking ones.

Bitcoin Era’s users come from all walks of life. Some of them are professionals in various industries, who use it in their free time. In light of the recent crisis, quite a lot of people who’ve been laid off registered. Retirees are trying their luck as well.

Intelligent Trading System

Millions of lay and professional investors are attracted by the idea of making money from the crypto market. Anyone will tell you they want to make more money on the side. One smart system that can help you make this happen is Bitcoin Era. It is free to register and create an account. Professional brokers monitor the trading system. We do our best to make sure your transactions are lucrative.

We had a great time testing Bitcoin Era. It didn’t take long for us to realize everything worked smoothly. For this reason, we didn’t need to spend much time with the automated platform. Anyone who wants to start making money can use it.

Independent and Reliable Transaction Handling

Experts before us have recommended Bitcoin Era because it has undergone rigorous testing. The results of these tests are accessible to everyone. Out of personal experience with this platform, we can vouch for the fact that it handles multiple crypto transactions reliably. Every investor deserves a personal experience with this independent platform. We’ll provide some more details about ours below.

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Trading Experience with the Platform

Our cryptocurrency trading experience was among the most profitable and the smoothest we’ve ever had. The platform’s functions work flawlessly. The profits after the live trading session were quite impressive and that’s putting it mildly. The platform uses a smart robot to facilitate trading. This robot was programmed by the software engineers that the platform employs. It offers manual and automatic mode. If you’re a beginner, the latter is better because the smart trading robot predicts crypto market developments with high accuracy; more accurately than you would yourself. Manual mode is suitable for more experienced investors.

How Much can I Make?

It was easy to assess Bitcoin Era’s earning potential. Of course, it’s hardly unexpected that the money one can make depends on how much one invests. The minimum deposit is EUR/USD/GBP 250. We believe this is a fair amount. While it’s possible to lose the deposit, it’s quite unlikely. In fact, it can only happen if you decide on a risky investment that’s against the system’s recommendations.

The affordable deposit pleases many users, especially those with limited funds. On average, the minimum profit with a deposit of EUR/USD/GBP 250 is EUR/USD/GBP 900. This is a standard profit margin for Bitcoin Era, but it can vary depending on the investment and especially on market developments. The Bitcoin market is quite volatile. At any rate, you’ll find many crypto traders who use the platform on a daily basis will confirm the profit margin.

How do I Trade Live?

Bitcoin Era’s smart robot was programmed to analyze the market and find the best opportunities. Live trading sessions are just a click away. The robot works like this: it finds a good investment, secures it, and carries out the trade. You make a profit. The profit is transferred to your account. You continue to trade with your (now higher) balance. And that’s how it goes.

Bitcoin Era Pros

Many traders are with the opinion that Bitcoin Era is among the most lucrative trading platforms on the crypto market. More specifically, the pros will reflect one’s personal experience with the platform. We used it for about 12 days. This was more than enough to understand its benefits. I will expound these below.

The Possibility of High and Frequent Profit

Admittedly, this advantage is contingent on the market itself rather than the individual platform. If the market is good, you win. If not, you lose. What the platform can do is make the most of good market conditions so you achieve the highest profit possible. It’s not out of the question to earn money as often as daily. In fact, people who have used the platform for an extended period of time have enjoyed consistent earnings. Every investor is interested in making a profit. We confirm that Bitcoin Era can be profitable for each and every user.

Advanced Trading of Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin may still be the king of all cryptos, but it’s not the only profitable currency. Moreover, you can trade cryptos for fiat currencies. Bitcoin Era’s advanced cryptocurrency trade algorithm can increase profit not insignificantly.

Safe Trading

Security is a critical issue to consider with financial transactions. It’s never a good idea to use an automated system that doesn’t offer adequate protection. Cybercriminals target user data and user funds. Bitcoin Era’s advanced security protocol makes it impossible for bots, scammers, and hackers to gain access to the platform.

Professional 24/7 Customer Servic

Each and every Bitcoin Era user can avail of reliable customer service. It is available around the clock, ensuring that users get help online or by phone. Your location is irrelevant.

Affordable Trade

The affordable initial deposit makes Bitcoin Era one of the go-to trading platforms on the market for users with limited funds. This is one of the reasons for the huge number of new registrations on the platform.

98% Accuracy of Predictions

The platform’s smart trading robot boasts a very high prediction accuracy rate. The rate of 98% explains the correspondingly high profit rate. You need to be an active trader to benefit from this prediction accuracy. Ideally, you would trade daily.

My team and I can vouch for the accuracy of predictions. Some of the members of my team are business strategists with in-depth knowledge of finance. Others are software engineers. Still others have no knowledge of software or trading. What we have in common is this: we can confirm that it’s possible to make money with Bitcoin Era after testing the system.

Trade with Real Money and in Real Time

Furthermore, we can confirm that the platform is legitimate after using real money to trade and after trading in real time. We tested each and every one of its features. We had a great experience. We were also able to communicate with the staff operating the platform, who confirmed licensing and the SSL security protocols used.

Use of a smart trading robot mitigates the notorious volatility of the cryptocurrency market. Bitcoin Era’s robots can perform transactions in a fraction of a second, much faster than anyone could manually. We believe the robot is one of the best of its kind online. It handles the entire transaction process unfailingly and without any problems whatsoever.

What are the Opinions? Testimonials of Satisfied Traders

“I was laid off from work in the second month after the pandemic outburst. With two children and no job, things looked pretty bleak. I read some reviews by satisfied users of Bitcoin Era and decided I had nothing to lose but 250. Imagine my surprise when I doubled that in a week and then tripled it two weeks later!” - Sue, Birmingham

“I was one of the first to hop on the bandwagon when Bitcoin broke all records years ago. I have followed crypto market developments and traded since. In recent years, lots of trading platforms like Bitcoin Era cropped up, so naturally I was a bit suspicious. I had no reason to be. I’m making money almost every day. Thank you!” - James, Edinburg

“I was just out of college with a big student loan and couldn’t get a job. The Covid time was the worst to be looking for a job. Sitting at home all day, I decided to try my luck with crypto trading software, knowing nothing about cryptocurrencies at all. I registered on a few platforms, choosing the ones with the lowest minimum deposit. I’m not disappointed by Bitcoin Era at all.” - Carl, Missouri, USA


If you decide to start trading with Bitcoin Era, all you need to do is provide a few personal details for the registration and transfer your initial deposit. Then, click to begin trading. You don’t need to trade live from the get-go; there is a demo version to learn the ropes. Withdrawals are processed in less than 24 hours.